Online Classes


Gentle Meditative Stretch Class

Monday 9:30am

This class is for anyone who wants to slow down, stretch and strengthen their body using mindfulness. The class begins in a chair with centering, breathing and warm ups. Warm ups include a full joint freeing series that increases range of motion in all the major joints. The second half of the class includes standing stretches, balancing poses and some gentle flow poses. Class ends with resting pose seated in a chair or on the floor if you would like.

This gentle class is also good for anyone recovering from injury or illness. 


All Levels Class

Tuesday/Thursday 9:30am


This class is suitable for Any Body. Kripalu yoga is the yoga of compassion, starting with yourself. Multiple options for each pose are offered in the Kripalu yoga style of “meditation in motion”.


Floor/Back Class

Wednesday 9:30am


The focus of this class will be stretching and strengthening the spine. This class includes stretches and poses on your back, belly, seated and kneeling.
(Modifications can always be used)

We often use straps for this class. Any belt, strap or non stretchy cord will do.