Be guided by your body’s inner wisdom where you will find the perfect balance of strength and relaxation. The place where any more is too much and any less would not be enough, the moment you find Your Edge.


Gentle Meditative 

Stretch Class

This class is for anyone who wants to slow down, stretch and relax.


All Levels Class

This class is suitable for all levels of ability.


Floor/Back Class

This class focuses on stretching and strengthening the spine.



Workshops with specialized themes to be announced monthly.

Platinum Poses

Yoga poses from our talented students!

Travel Poses

Yoga poses from around the world!



Diane B.

Yoga has been my saving grace.  I cannot say enough about Sue’s passion, creativity and hard work.  I feel fortunate to be among the many who experience “Your Edge Yoga” with Sue Cronin.


Marti G.

I’ve been studying yoga for 8 years with Sue. The surgeon who did my hip replacement said he was amazed at how quickly I recovered, and credited my yoga practice for the rapid recovery.  Sue is an incredible instructor who understands that most of us have physical limitations and always offers alternatives so that everyone can benefit from a yoga practice.  Yoga has made a huge difference in my life thanks to Sue.


Jo C.

Sue has been my yoga teacher for almost 10 years! She’s taught me how to use yoga with my disabilities; scoliosis, & lately Tendonitis in my ankle. She’s always been able to show me an alternative to a pose that can work for me, thus, eliminating my frustrations. I’ve watched her do this with so many of us, allowing us all to carry on!

I’m so blessed to have her as my teacher & friend, Namaste.


Cindy F.

Sue is a compassionate, intuitive yoga instructor. Her classes are for everyone, no matter what your age! See what she has to offer from your own home!


Hazel R.

I am a devoted follower based on results from practice with Sue. I label her a fixer as I feel better after each session which includes areas I did not know were not working well. I continue to be impressed how each session varies. Her teaching is expansive.

Gratitude for each yoga session.